Pussywillows © withrow/Flickr

P a t i e n c e
Spring must come e v e n t u a l l y
And not in a sudden rush.
The days must warm intentionally,
The winds must die to a hush.

Not overnight, or at our whim,
But purposefully and s l o w,
Days of longer light begin
As goes the ice and snow.

Sooner or later, the swollen bud
Will burst, and bloom emerge,
Quietly, gently, w i l l f u l l y
In a scheduled, easy surge.

It’s a d e l i b e r a t e plan on Nature’s part,
Just assume that she knows best
And embrace each colorless day that’s left,
And patiently wait for the rest.

text © Nancy Bond


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

9 thoughts on “Patience”

  1. You have crocus emerging? So do others around the province…Not me, though. No, we’re still in the snow-zone…:-) i’m brave though and won’t pout. Much. Love the poem, Nancy.

  2. Nancy–I love your poems!! I read it about 5 times cause I kept seeing something new each time. I don’t even know if I have babies coming up. But it is good to see yours are thriving. Isn’t it grand when they announce Spring!!

  3. Thanks, everyone, for your thoughtful comments. The photo of the crocus that I had originally posted was not mine, and no, I don’t have any poking their heads up. :) I even looked in my Mom’s beds, but with several inches of snow cover, nothing there yet either. So, to avoid any confusion, I changed out the photo for one of my own — another spring photo taken years ago that I think still says, “patience”. :)

    Thanks all for your kind words.

  4. This was a good poem – a reminder to enjoy the last vestiges of winter. Today was a crunchy snow day – winter is nearing its end.

    I liked the Pussywillows.

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