Oh What a Night…

This photo was taken through our bedroom window because it was too cold to bother setting up a tripod on the balcony. I like the two stars (or are those planets?) in the photo. The color was just amazing. If it hadn’t been so cold, and if I hadn’t been such a lazy cuss, the moon would have made incredible field photos. It was covered by cloud shortly after this.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

16 thoughts on “Oh What a Night…”

  1. I tried. There I was, bundled up tighter than a toddler in a snowsuit watching the clouds roll in just before the show. Glad you got a shot before the curtains closed.

  2. I watched nearly the whole process. It was amazing and we had totally clear skies. I didn’t take any photos though (I’m feeling very flat and discouraged the past 2 days because of Blogger. I think my decision to move to WordPress has now been made.) You got a really terrific photo. Thanks so much for sharing it with us!


  3. Your moon photograph turned out beautifully. From here, the two stars (or planets … I wish I knew more astronomy) seemed closer to the moon. It’s probably a result of our different locations.

  4. We only stopped for a moment to look on the way home from a movie around 10:45, and the red wasn’t nearly as prominent. In the four minutes I could stand being in the cold we also spotted a shooting star and a very obvious satellite. I always forget just how much you can see away from the lights of town

  5. The light to the left is actually Saturn and the light above it is Regulus, the brightest star in the Leo constellation.

    I tried to go out, too, but my camera is just too wimpy for good shots, plus I didn’t have a tripod.

    But, oh. It was beautiful!

  6. Great photo!

    I tried outside, but, like you, found it too cold. My front door proved to be the perfect vantage point.

    I thought the stars or planets you mentioned perfectly framed the moon.

  7. Janie recommended I take a look at your photo–great shot! That’s just what it looked like last night as I drove home from work and caught sight of it. Thanks, d:)

  8. Beautiful photo and that’s just how it looked here, too! I wish it hadn’t been so cold or I would have set my camera up on the tripod.
    This was just about the best viewing of an eclipse I’ve ever seen.

  9. Thank you all very much for your kind words — it really was a spectacular eclipse. The color was simply amazing.

    Imadramamama, thanks for correctly identifying Saturn and Regulus!

    Thanks for your visits!

  10. Nancy, great pic. As for what is what, I believe the ‘star’ is above the moon, and that it is Saturn to the left.

    We held little hope of actually having clear skies here in Seattle, but somehow we got them. And it wasn’t too cold either. It was very mysteriously beautiful.

    I opted to shoot a few with the point and shoot, but not to get out all the big, heavy equipment.

    Sometimes its best just to be there as a wide-eyed observer.

    I always enjoy my visits here…

  11. It was too foggy here to see the moon – but great to see your photos. I wish I understood more about the moon – it is fascinating!

  12. We had great views. Scrabble Night in Soda Creek was interrupted by sorties out to check the moon. I just wish I could have gotten some shots with my 35mm, since the digital is “hors de combat” since DH dropped it.

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