The Moon Tree

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This shot was taken at dusk last night through the branches of a large maple tree — could those little nodules possibly be the tender beginnings of buds?

Tonight there is a full moon AND a total lunar eclipse. Conditions over Nova Scotia should be perfect for viewing, from 11:00 pm Atlantic Time to approximately 11:51 pm. The moon should be completely emerged from shadow by 1:09 am. Depending on conditions, it may appear coppery orange for a time. The eclipse should be visible in all parts of Canada without cloud cover, although the best view will be from the east coast and the eastern US states. Another lunar eclipse will not be seen until December 21, 2010. And unlike a solar eclipse, no special protection is needed for the eyes.

And then there’s this celestial event! The meteor, which becomes a meteorite once it strikes the ground, traveled from west to east. Witnesses reported seeing it in Calgary, Oregon, Washington and Idaho. No one has yet found any evidence as to whether the fireball, or parts of it, hit Earth. Scientists don’t expect to find anything larger than a baseball. Fascinating celestial sitings!


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

12 thoughts on “The Moon Tree”

  1. Tonight! I might have forgotten if I didn’t stop by. The sky is clear right now an I hope it remains that way tonight. It will be nice to have a photo op that doesn’t involve snow.

    Thanks for stopping by my place too.

  2. gosh are we ever on similar wave lengths! that was going to be my post yesterday and then I got busy so this morning I thought I might post it anyway … You’ve covered it pretty well so maybe I’ll bump up to the topic I was going to cover for tomorrow. What a coincidence we had the same topic in mind!

    Alberta Postcards
    Diane’s Flickr photos

  3. What a wonderful photo–I watched the eclipse last night at times, but it was very cold and windy here on the hill so I didn’t go out and try taking photos. I’ll just enjoy those of others like you!

  4. Beautiful photo, Nancy. But then, you certainly excel with your photography. I’m never disappointed when I visit your blog.

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