Winter, Be Gone!

“That is one good thing about this world. . .there are
always sure to be more springs.” – Lucy Maud Montgomery

I couldn’t bear to post one more wintry photo, just for today, so found these lovely delphinia [Delphinium elatum] and thought I’d share. This photo was taken on the grounds of the Prescott House Museum, in Starr’s Point, NS, on a much nicer day than this.

Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

7 thoughts on “Winter, Be Gone!”

  1. Aren’t delphiniums just lovely? I’ve tried to grow them here and while they may look great all summer, they never survive the winter. We’ll see if the ones I had last year survive this time.
    I just love that color of blue!

  2. atta girl. Now you’re doing like me: nothing growing outdoors so we’ll use pics from elsewhere! I’ve always adored delphinium. It’s a combination of their stateliness, a bit exotic, and they’re hummingbird magnets too!

    Beautiful picture Nancy,


  3. That beautiful blue is refreshing….almost as refreshing, but not quite, as the beautiful blues of the Pacific I’m enjoying Maui, HI, this week.

    I’m hoping my spring garden will be peeping up upon my return to it.


  4. I’m tired of this weather too. Rain right now, going to be a warm day, but then the temps take a dive for the rest of the week. The ice around here is insane.

    I want spring!!!!

    Thanks for the gorgeous pics!

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