Think Pink for Valentines

On Jodi’s blog, bloomingwriter I found this challenge, given by Angela at Cottage Magpie. to put up a post of pink things around your home, in anticipation of Valentine’s Day. I thought it might be a difficult task, but I found a treasure of all things pink! Here are a few.

This photo was taken on the grounds of the Haliburton Museum here in Windsor, many years ago. I’m not sure of the name of the rose — perhaps some of you more knowledgeable gardeners will know.

I like bright colors in the garden — corals and fuschias — as shown in these geraniums and impatiens, which seem to do very well in my little container gardens on the balcony.
A pink coneflower, with a diner.
A profusion crabapple tree which blooms just feet away from the balcony and is always very showy.
I love this photo of my older daughter…who will be 29 next month! The tulip is red, but I love the pink jacket and hat.

I received the day lilies on my birthday last year, and the potted azalea from my younger daughter on Mother’s Day.

And then there are always pretty pink dishes — two pieces of cranberry glass; a teacup and saucer from my original china pattern, Victoriana Rose; and an antique plate I inherited from my aunt.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all!


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

7 thoughts on “Think Pink for Valentines”

  1. OOOOh, VERY pretty! I especially like that plate and cup and saucer–they’re especially good eye-candy on a monrning when we’re getting yet. more. snow!

  2. What a gorgeous post! And I’d love to post these things. Thank you Nancy for your comments on our lovely Aunt Belle. We are almost there. Tomorrow we all go to the delta (Moorhead MS) to lay her to rest.

    I love all that pink. Those dishes are beautiful.

    Snow? Oh, no, but you take pics of snow!

  3. The picture of your daughter just makes me ache, as it must you. So adorable. I have a picture of my girl (25) wearing a hat when she was very small, and I cherish it. I ought to put it on the blog sometime. I realized just today that I want to put up more old photographs.

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