Winter Wonderland?

The power flickered several times as a heavy, wet snow fell on most of Nova Scotia overnight. This storm was unexpected, at least in its intensity. When the snowfall stopped around midnight, it truly did look like a winter wonderland. Every tree branch, every twig, powerlines and fences all wore a wooly coat of white. Some smaller bushes looked like giant clumps of popcorn before the wind picked up and shook loose most of the fluffy covering.

Today, schools are closed right across the province and a lot of businesses and malls are closed as well. It’s still snowing, but now, more a sprinkling of fine sugar that you can barely see, but which the wind whips into tiny swirls and deposits in sculpted drifts.

My cat, Toby, finds it a fine day to explore, sniffing out the bird scents from the small tree on the balcony, leaving telltale prints behind. :)

Thankfully, for those who are without power, it’s not a bitterly cold day, though the wind makes it seem more so.

“They” say we’re in for a major storm toward the end of the week — I’ve heard snowfall amounts of as much as 50cms. (That’s 20 inches of snow, for the metrically challenged.) Whoever “They” are, I hope “They” are wrong!


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

4 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland?”

  1. It’s exasperating, isn’t it? My better half was down at the other place where his woodlot and psycho ex lives, and spent two hours cleaning p the driveway…now he’s tackling ours. We’ve got between 8-10 INCHES on this one so we’re halfway to this big storm that’s being predicted…but as I write this the sun is coming out!

  2. Just can’t resist replying to Jodi – :) those psycho ex persons – I’ve always thought their main purpose was to make us #2’s look reeeaaaallllyyy GOOD:)

  3. Gorgeous photos (hey, what’s my cat doing there??). We’re getting hit right now by a storm. 4-8 inches of snow before changing over to ice and then rain, and back to ice. Ah, life is good. It’ll make us appreciate spring so much more!

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