Weekend Snapshot #9

It’s a lovely bit o’ fluff! I snapped this photo in a perennial bed and have no idea what the plant is…or was…but I thought the fluffy leftovers made an intriguing shot. I’m sure someone will be able to identify it — if memory serves me correctly, I believe the blooms were a pinkish color.

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Thanks to jodi for identifying the plant…this is definitely it in bloom: Liatris
(Googled image)

Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

13 thoughts on “Weekend Snapshot #9”

  1. That’s a lovely shot. Not sure what plant it is by the picture. I may be able to think of it and if I do I’ll let you know.

  2. That looks like it MIGHT be blazing-star or gayfeather (Liatris), Nancy. Do a google image search for the flowers in bloom, because your description sounds like them, and you will recognize them as Liatris when you see them. My seedheads are buried in snow and ice or I’d go out and look to see what’s left on them.

  3. Nancy,

    What a wonderful space you’ve created here.
    I’ve just wandered around a bit and am left smiling at the effort. Thank you.

    And yes, kinda looks like Liatris to my eye too.

    David Perry

  4. so lovely! those lil fluffies reminds me of pussywillow in the cricket magazine hehee, so cute, I wonder what is it huh? I just love weird looking plants like that, it’s like it’s out of this world.


    thanks for dropping by! happy monday!

  5. Lovely shot. Reminds me of a dandelion except for the shape of course. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I answered your question there in the comments on the post. Always nice to ‘meet’ a fellow Canadian. :)

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