The Liar’s Diary

Patry Francis wrote The Liar’s Diary, which was published by Dutton in February 2007. The Plume paperback was launched yesterday, January 29.

Patry is unable to promote the new release because she is undergoing cancer treatment. So hundreds of bloggers, led by Susan Henderson, are conducting a promotion campaign on her behalf.

The Liar’s Diary is available from Amazon and all purchases will help compensate for Patry’s inability to go on tour. Reviews of the Dutton hardcover guarantee your money won’t be wasted.

If you blog, yesterday was the official launch, but you still have time to join the effort. Sign up on Susan Henderson’s blog and post something to help this fellow writer, if you can.

I only know of Patry from reading her blog entries, and should you do the same, her talent as a writer and compassion as a woman, will be crystal clear.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

One thought on “The Liar’s Diary”

  1. Nancy, I am just logging off to get some more work done. I’ll bookmark this and it will be my first stop when I log back on later today.


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