Winter Blues

You’ll see it in an icicle —
The cloudless, aqua sky.
In cobalt rivers, churning water
Into silver ice.

In shadows that streak landscapes
With steel bars of indigo,
In bitter wind that sculpts blue crystals
Into drifts of snow.

In sun-dappled depressions,
In star-filled, sapphire nights;
You’ll find the blues of winter
In daybreaks and in twilights.

I think this glacial color
Is my favorite, frosty hue.
Hand of Nature, swaddles Earth
In shades of winter blue.

[photo/text © Nancy Bond]


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

8 thoughts on “Winter Blues”

  1. That is a lovely poem that goes so well with the photograph. The open water surrounded by the snow-encased ice is strikingly beautiful

  2. Your photo is extraordinary – “hypothermia” would be the color of it, if “h” was a color!

    Your poem very soothing also. Found you by accident but will return.

  3. Lovely work! This captures the soothing quietness of a cold winter day, and I can almost hear the gentle trickle of the brook.

    We’re getting a much warmer week, as you know… So I’m glad you captured this one while you could.

  4. Hi, Nancy,
    I’ve decided that your blog is one of my new favorites. I love your nature photography, your poetry, and the “uplifting-ness” of your posts.

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