Spring in a Box

While still in the process of “putting Christmas away”, I thought I’d show you my spring-in-a-box gardening tools that my daughter, Angela, gave me. I can’t help but look at their flowered handles and not think of spring. :)

While in Switzerland on a hiking trip last fall–that’s her on the right–she brought home (smuggled through customs) several packages of native Alpine flower seeds. I’m anxious to see if I can get them to grow here.

Of course, the best insurance of all is the ceramic garden plaque that was included with the tools. If all else fails, shake your fist!


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

3 thoughts on “Spring in a Box”

  1. I love the plaque. My dad had a relative, who, when asked how he managed to grow such huge vegetables/flowers etc etc, would reply
    “I puts ’em in the ground and say ‘GROW ye …***…’. They have two chances, grow or die.”
    Everything grew – i think it was too afraid not to- and apparently it worked well. My mum now carries on this philosophy and has had only one (completely) failed plant.

  2. Those tools are too cool! And I would have “smuggled” those seed packets, too. I’m surprised you didn’t get some edelweiss! The gentian looks nice.

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