Fickle January

Cold…warm, fickle January,
Ne’er a month was so contrary!
One day snow, the next day rain,
And then it’s back to sun again.

This year, nights have been so frosty,
Making heating bills more costly.
And so I guess we won’t complain
To see less snow, and get more rain.

But I’ll be glad when April comes,
Bringing days of much missed sun,
Winds of March, by then all gone,
And hopefully, it won’t be long

Til springtime comes, with green-leafed trees–
Nature’s big apology
For all that January brings:
Cold, warm, frosty, fickle things.

image/text© Nancy Bond

Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

3 thoughts on “Fickle January”

  1. Nancy, I love the photograph AND the poetry! Yes! That is January, EXACTLY! We get temperate days, then oh-so-cold ones, in quick succession. The children and I are hoping for a few snow days. As long as it’s winter, we want to really experience some winter weather!

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