Thursday Thirteen #48


1. First and foremost, that my grandson was home from the hospital, doing as well as can be expected, and was able to enjoy Christmas with his Mom and Dad and other family members.

2. That my daughters both had lovely Christmases with family.

3. A Waterman fountain pen and Moleskine journals that my significant other gave me.

4. The 2007 Hallmark Lighthouse Keepsake ornament from my daughter. She also gave me a book for identifying wildflowers that I plan to put to good use next summer.

5. A gift certificate for a 45-minute massage at a local chiropractor from my “in-laws”.

6. A soft leather purse, large enough to hold the kitchen sink, from my parents.

7. A large selection of spicy candle tarts.

8. A Debbie Macomber Christmas novel.

9. Socks, especially the funky ones! :-)

10. A 365-page “Living Green” calendar.

11. A stainless steel pastry cutter…hopefully the last I ever buy!

12. Tim Horton’s gift cards.

13. That the approaching winter storm held off and we were given mild temperatures and dry roads for those who had to travel.

* * *

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Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

25 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen #48”

  1. You really received some wonderful gifts, but the best, I would agree, would be #1. It’s tough to see a child in the hospital!

  2. Nancy, I would agree that number 1 was the best of all. So pleased you all had such a grand Christmas. What a great wad of gifts you received — I would have enjoyed many of them as well (the massage, the pen and journal, green calendar, etc).

    We didn’t exchange gifts this year (both sides of our families) and it was GREAT! I also loved that photo you shared of your cat peeking from under the tree! What a dolly. Have a wonderful week and we’ll chat again soon.

    Diane at Sand to Glass

  3. Sounds great. I use Waterman pens, myself (I like roller balls, though), so write in good health.

    Glad to hear the little one was home for the holiday. That’s the best news/present there could have been.

    Happy TT and thanks for stopping in this week. Have a good one!

  4. GASP! A waterman fountain pen! Which one??? Oh I do love the fountain pens. I have a couple – a cross and a retractable pilot. What kind of ink? I use blue/black but need a new bottle. Sorry, I don’t think I read a word past the fountain pen! ;)

    Happy TT!

  5. What a wonderful Christmas, I’d love some more funky socks in my life…until we move to this house I never appreciated how nice socks were.

  6. There’s something special about writing with a fountain pen, that you fill with ink, from a bottle. I hope you enjoy your Waterman.

  7. Ooh, socks! I got some nice ones this year as well :)

    The baby is the best part, though. One of my friends announced a much-wanted pregancy and another had her first child just before Christmas–those are wonderful gifts. :)

    I have three TTs this week:

    Review of 2007:

    Motorcycling review of 2007:

    13 RV adventures in 2007:

  8. Belated happy Christmas, Nancy! I love your gift list, especially that your grandson is doing better, and your fountain pen! Here’s wishing you the best of all good things in 2008 (and good luck with that 365 post thing…I am tired just thinking about it!)

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