Taking the Ho-Ho-Ho Out of Christmas

Just a short note for any of you who come here regularly. My 15-mo-old grandson spent the weekend in the ICU and has been diagnosed with diabetes. :( So I’m off to New Brunswick to lend moral support to Mommy and Daddy more than anything, while they regulate Nolan’s insulin dose. I’ll check in when I get back next Saturday.

All good thoughts gratefully accepted. Have good weeks, everyone.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

9 thoughts on “Taking the Ho-Ho-Ho Out of Christmas”

  1. Nancy, The ho-ho-ho should come back before Christmas when they get his insulin regulated.

    I’m thinking about you all. I’m glad you can be there for them and hope our being here for you helps!

    Sending positive thoughts to all of you. Hugs.


  2. Nancy, Goodness I’m so sorry to learn of that. I had come to read your daily delights and to tell you about a photo contest I posted today. But never mind for now, I hope your grandson’s insulin levels will quickly be regulated and that you can calm Mom & Dad during this emotional time.

    My sincere positive thoughts are with you and your family,

    Diane, Sand to Glass

  3. Nancy,

    I’m sorry to hear this news about your little one. A very young age indeed to have to deal with insulin. The good thing is they have made major progress in the testing and treatment of it.

    I haven’t been a good little blogger in post only the good. The reason being having some difficulty seeing it.

  4. All my good thoughts are yours to keep. As Janeywan said, the good news is all the progress that’s been made. Your grandson’s got plenty enough years ahead of him to see a cure.

  5. Nancy,

    Sending many of those good thoughts your way. I’ll add my two bits to what janeywan said. Lot’s of advancements have been made in the treatment and management of diabetes and this is a good thing.

    Keeping a place for you and your grandson (and his family) in my thoughts. May all go well.

  6. Oh, no, the poor little guy. :-( Hugs to him and your entire family. I’ll definitely keep you in my thoughts and prayers. At least the doctors have caught it and can treat it early!

  7. Oh, Nancy…I’m sorry for the little guy, but my understanding is that these things are easier managed than they used to be. Travel safely (you’re probably back, now, before the storm!) and my thoughts are of course with you and your family. I’m late posting because I got behind this week with work and flu. Ick. And now more snow….no no no!

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