The Storm That Wasn’t

At supper hour last night, it looked as though Nova Scotia might be in for a major blast of winter, but even though we received 6″ or so of heavy snow, it didn’t come close to what had been forecast for our area. Other parts of the Maritime provinces received a lot more of the white stuff, with more to come today.

But oh, it was pretty for a while. It was the sort of lazy snowfall that makes one want to put on Christmas music and bake cookies. :)

My cat, Toby, is intrigued by snow and loves to get out and chase the flakes. But he was more entertained by the birds who were trying to finish dinner before the heavy snow hit.

Chickadees must be greedy beggars because in every photo I’ve taken of them, they have a beak full of seed.

Toby finally went outside, but didn’t stay long as the snow was heavy and wet. He looks puzzled by his paw prints. :)

I toyed with the idea of doing some pho-togging around town, but the roads were snow covered and slippery by dark, so I nixed the idea and settled in with a hot pot of coffee.

Today, it’s milder and everything is slushy and wet. I think that’s why I dislike the months of March and April so much. Drippy, wet slush. :)


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

6 thoughts on “The Storm That Wasn’t”

  1. Fabulous shots. I was especially tickled by the photo of your gorgeous white cat and the paws in the snow.

  2. First, your cat is gorgeous! I loved the photos, I only knew snow 3 winters, and I miss it down here, so it was a joy to see your snow photos. I especially liked the ones of the paw prints and the Christmas lights in the tree.


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