An Insect View

It’s a challenge to find something to write about to fulfill my NaBloPoMo challenge for the day. (Click photo to enlarge.)

We spent the afternoon, tromping through already crowded malls, getting a jump start on some Christmas shopping. By the end of our outing I was, shall we say, getting a tad grumpy. (Who, me?) So when a somewhat frazzled, gum-chewing cashier proceeding to put a set of four china mugs in a bag together, without any packing material or protection, I snapped and demanded she wrap the mugs individually. This was met with an, “Oh, yah, right, okay.” Chaw, snap, pop.

Well, long boring story shortened, I proceeded to come home and break two of the mugs myself. Another item we’d purchased fell out of its bag and landed on the mugs, smashing two of them into unrecognizable shards of porcelain. Karma? Of course. Serves me right.

That’s my sad tale of woe for today — hopefully something more notable will happen before tomorrow. (Be careful what I wish for, right?) I hope you enjoy the photo.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

5 thoughts on “An Insect View”

  1. Gorgeous leaf, and sorry tale of woe about the mugs, Nancy. There ARE some appallingly poor cashiers/clerks (what have we sanitized THEIR names into? Sales Consultants? I forget) out there, who are just filling space and doing the minimum so they can pay their cellphone bills or go gamble in VLTs. (I have my curmudgeonly moments too). I think part of it is they aren’t trained properly, and of course they aren’t paid decently so some of them just don’t care. I try to be very polite, supportive and encouraging of clerks whenever possible, because of course who knows what else is going on in their lives. But I do get exasperated at times (hence the curmudgeon comment above.)

  2. Jodi – I agree that a huge part of the problem is lack of training, but you’d think common sense would figure in somewhere, too. :)

    Stephen – your astuteness overwhelms me! ;)

  3. I can put up with many faults in sales clerks, but not when they can’t seem to master the basics, because they aren’t engaged.

    I do think with boring jobs that many people think it’s OK to turn off your brain. But that’s exactly the time to turn it on. See if you can get the cranky curmudgeon to crack a smile. Make up a story that tells how the odd couple got together. See if you can give the girl at the other station the giggles…

    That’s a better way to pass the time…

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