Na-BLOW-Po-Mo…Post Noel

And what a wild weekend it was! Things could have been so much worse, as always, but Noel left his imprint on the province, particularly near the coast. This is a photo was in the Halifax news this morning — that’s a Mercedes under the tree. Ouch!

Though Noel packed a wallop, there were very few reports of injuries, and most of those were completely avoidable, such as the fellow who was injured on the rocks at Peggy’s Cove. No matter how many warnings are issued, it seems some bonehead is always going to push their luck and end up paying for it. He’s very lucky he wasn’t swept out to sea.

As many as 1/4 million people were without power at one point yesterday, but many of those areas have already been restored. The coastal areas were hit most hard with a lot of damage reported to beaches and adjacent roads. Not much wonder with a surf like this, photo found at Nova News Now.


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

One thought on “Na-BLOW-Po-Mo…Post Noel”

  1. YIKES! We were far enough inland to escape the worst of it. We got some rain, but not much more. Glad you were okay. Feel bad for the owner of the Mercedes!

    How are ya???

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