But What Can I Do?

October 15th is Blog Action Day, and I signed up because I think it’s important that certain matters are brought to light and discussed.

…bloggers around the web will unite to put a single important issue on everyone’s mind. In its inaugural year, Blog Action Day will be co-ordinating bloggers to tackle the issue of the environment.

There are many things I could write about in this post, but one of the things that bothers me most–perhaps because I’ve actually seen the fight against it–is the spraying of herbicides here in our Nova Scotia forests.

The Nova Scotia government has issued 44 permits for herbicide sprayings over some 12,000 hectares of land. All of the 44 applications to spray the herbicides Vision, Vision Max, and Vantage (the active ingredient in all three products is glyphosate) on Nova Scotia’s forests were approved by the Nova Scotia’s Department of Environment and Labour.

Concerns about the spraying of herbicides range from potential human health impacts to loss of certification for organic crops to the desire to encourage sustainable forestry practices and preserve biodiversity.

The above photo was taken on Thanksgiving weekend on our drive home through the Walton Woods Road in Hants County. Every year this stretch of secondary road–bordered by nearly fluorescent hardwood foliage and conifers–provides a passage that begs you to slow down and take notice. It never disappoints. Several brooks and streams reflect the autumn color, and a meandering river cuts across the road in Cogmagun. It would be a tragedy of huge proportions if this and similar forests were so chemically thinned that future generations were not able to enjoy the same environment.

So, what can YOU do? Don’t be complacent! Don’t shrug your shoulders and sit on your disagreement until it actually affects YOU…because it will. Eventually. Write a letter to your local press. Call or email the Minister of the Environment. Sign a petition. Talk about it. Educate yourself.

Take a stand, because in my opinion, the fuel that feeds this fire is indifference.

[photo © Nancy Bond]
[Statistical info gathered here]

Blog Action Day - It's a Wrap


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

4 thoughts on “But What Can I Do?”

  1. Hi Tempest — yes, we have enforced recycling here in Nova Scotia as well. It’s one of the things the province has done right. :) Thanks for your visit!

  2. I meant to do this, but I can say for a fact that Fred and I are doing our part. And so are our children. It’s hard though, in a world that just wants to consume and throw-away.

    That show on CNN about Planet in Peril ought to be called People in Peril, because after we are gone, the earth will probably heal itself!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Still catching up in my reading from BAD, Nancy–this is empassioned and excellent–and spot on. First, we gotta get rid of that clown Mark Parent, who knows better, but is so impressed with being a cabinet minister he just doesn’t care about pesticides. (Yeah, he’s my MLA, but *I* didn’t vote for him. Ever!)

    Well done!

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