Garden Blogger’s Muse Day – October 1

“The cool and sparkling days of late September flow like golden wine into the bowl of autumn. I cannot have enough of each day; I try to measure the minutes sparingly, for this is the time of enchantment. The leaves are turning, and I wonder whether I ever saw them before, for the colors are a new miracle of blended tones. Surely this year it is a lovelier autumn; the maples have a clearer fire, the oaks are a richer burgundy. And the goldenrod ~ was it Thoreau who called it spilled sunshine? The wild asters break their purple waves over the old stone fences. The upland meadows are beautiful, a brown suffused with gold. If anyone now asked me what happiness is, I should say it is a September day in New England.”

Gladys Taber, from ‘Stillmeadow Seasons
photo © Nancy Bond


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

3 thoughts on “Garden Blogger’s Muse Day – October 1”

  1. How true! The leaves are turning here. In another week or so we’ll be at our brightest. I love autumn in New England. I’m blessed to live here.

  2. Beautiful piece of writing by Gladys Taber, and wonderful photo by you, Nancy. I have mixed emotions about autumn, but this piece highlights the good parts. Thanks for sharing!

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