Thursday Thirteen — #32

Thirteen Photos I’ve Exhibited
For Which I Won 1st Place Ribbons
(In No Particular Order – click to enlarge)

1. Category: Child

2. Category: Beach

3. Category: Child

4. Category: Child

5. Category: Holiday

6. Category: Child

7. Category: Child

8. Category: Baby

9. Category: Winter

10. Category: Baby

11. Category: Wildlife

12. Category: Floral

13. Category: Wildlife

* * *

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Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

25 thoughts on “Thursday Thirteen — #32”

  1. These are fantastic. I think my favorite is the squirrel with the nut in his paws. Great catch! You should totally send it to Cute Overload!

  2. Nancy, those awards are well-deserved. You do great work; almost wants me to ask what you’d charge for me to come visit you and have you take my portrait!

    Happy TT!

  3. I just might take you up on that… what a great excuse to visit Nova Scotia, although I hear you have great bike paths, too. That’s reason enough to visit.

  4. Those are lovely! My favourite is the winter one, but that could be because I’m tired of this hot, sticky summer. :P

  5. I like the winter one best too, because I live somewhere it never snows. They’re all wonderful though, congrats on your wins :)

  6. I love the all, but I’m partial to the holiday and winter shots. Always loved pictures of Christmas decorations with the right lighting. I haven’t been able to master that one yet.

  7. Wonderful Thursday Thirteen. Beautifully done photos, Nancy. I especially like the 8the one, that child’s expression, both face and the way posed, is priceless.

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