Points to Ponder #5

“The doors we open and close each day
decide the lives we live.” – Flora Whittemore

There are consequences for every choice we make, every opportunity we seize, in this life. Many of us feel powerless to make those choices at times, but that is seldom the case. Sometimes, all it takes is a little creative thinking, a little coloring outside the lines.

What doors are opening and closing in your world today?


Author: nancybond

A writer, photographer, naturalist from small town Nova Scotia, Canada.

One thought on “Points to Ponder #5”

  1. Hi, it’s always hard for me to open and close doors. I never want to do that, in writing or in life, but sometimes, we must choose. Most decisions like this were made for me by an agent, etc.

    But I’ve learned in the last two years that I have to make my own decisions and stand by them.

    Right or wrong. That’s how life works.

    I guess, what I am saying is that the way in which I now make decisions is very different from the way I used to make them.

    Look at Nolan! Wow! I want to be a grandmother, but no kid is obliging me. LOL! You are so lucky. Is he walking?

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